YUFE Training Offer

Workshop Library Services for the Digital Humanities. Getting to know each other / Exchange of best practices

The State and University Library Bremen participates in the YUFE program for training offers. In September we host the workshop: Library Services for the Digital Humanities. Getting to know each other / Exchange of best practices.


We all live in an increasingly digitized world. Universities even are promoters of this process. Therefore research and teaching will also change in this direction (and already have in recent years). Library services for the Digital Humanities are certainly a desideratum for the future on University campuses. Especially some scholars of the humanities, philologies and the historical science would benefit from guidance and counselling on steps towards "digital sciences" like the Digital Humanities, Computational Linguistics, etc.. With a focus on the Digital Humanities we would like to discuss the following issues with University Libraries within the YUFE network.

  • Regarding 'Library Services for the Digital Humanities':
    • Which University Libraries do already offer such a service?
    • Best practices
    • What are your future plans?
    • Do you already have experiences?
    • Had researchers already asked for such a service
      (or full texts, TEI representations of historical material or for research infrastructures like CLARIN or DARIAH)?
  • What might be a low-threshold level
    • to start such a service (training of library staff)?
    • to be able to meet first expectations?

Libraries have been and are the contact point for diverse questions and demands regarding literature supply, (more and more) research data and “learning spaces”. In the future these demands will continue to increasingly become digital. Let's be prepared!

Venue: Online
Date: 17.09.2020, 10:00 am CET
Host: Dr. Manfred Nölte
Contact: noelte@suub.uni-bremen.de
Duration: 2 hours