Central Library

Central Library

About us

The Central Library is located on the Mensa Boulevard at the heart of the university campus (How to find us). Users can access an extensive range of academic and scientific literature, media, and information through this central point of delivery. As the State Library of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, the Central Library is home to a substantial collection of contemporary and historical works on Bremen and the wider region (further information...). 

Service centers located at the Central Library:

Periodicals Reading Room

Visitors to the library can access a range of contemporary academic journals and newspapers at our Periodicals Reading Room

Interior view of the Periodicals Reading Room

Microfilm Archive

Visitors to the Microfilm Archive can access our extensive collection of microfilmed newspapers and journals.

Microfilm Archive (with image)

The Media Center

is home to an extensive collection of CDs, DVDs, and language learning materials.

Interior view of the Media Center

Manuscript Reading Room

Users can access the library's historical holdings in the Manuscript Reading Room

Interior view of the Manuscript Reading Room