Digital reproductions

Digitalisierung auf Wunsch

Digitization on Demand is a service by Bremen State and University Library for all members of the general public and for academic institutions worldwide.  Please send your digitization requests to

Digitized titles

We only digitize complete books that are in the public domain. They will be added to our library’s digital collections.

Terms of use (in German only)
  • The books chosen for digitization have to be in a good state of preservation. Our experts will examine the books prior to digitization.

  • The books need to have been published prior to 1910 as that means they are in the public domain according to German copyright law.

  • The digitization on demand service does not extend to complete newspapers or journals.

  • The digitization of the first 30 pages costs € 20.00. There is a fee of €0.50 for each additional page. If the digitization requires full text capture via OCR there will be a charge of an extra € 0.10 per page. For further information see our schedule of fees (In German only).

Digital reproductions


Digital reproductions of individual pages or illustrations from titles of the library’s historical collections.

Request for reproduction