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1. Online contents

The State and University Library does not accept any liability or give any guarantee for the current validity, accuracy, completeness or quality of the information provided.
The Library cannot be held responsible for any material or immaterial damage or loss resulting from the use or non-use of any information made available through this website, or through the use of any information that might be incorrect or incomplete, to the extent that the Library cannot be proved to be responsible for such damage or loss through deliberate misrepresentation or negligent action.

The provision of content and services through this website shall not constitute any obligation. The State and University Library Bremen reserves the right to modify, append and delete the entire publication or parts thereof without prior notice, or to cancel the publication temporarily or permanently.

2. Links to other internet sites

With respect to direct or indirect links to sites for which the Library is not responsible, the Library shall only be held liable in so far as the employees responsible for this publication are aware of the content in question and that it was technically possible and reasonable for them to prevent use in the event of illegal content.
Liability for all other content and in particular for damages arising from the use or non-use of such information shall lie solely with the author of the external website to which the link or reference was made and not with the party which referred (linked) to the publication in question.

3. Copyright

The State and University Library has made every effort to observe the legal rights of the authors of all images, audio materials and texts featured in its publications; furthermore, the Library seeks to utilize images, audio material and texts which are produced in-house or sourced from the public domain.
In the event that an image, audio material or text protected by a third-party copyright but not designated as such is published on this website, the Library was unable to determine that this content was subject to a copyright. In the case of such unintended violation of copyright, the Library will remove the object in question immediately after being informed of its error, or will insert the correct copyright identification information.

The copyright for any published items produced by employees of the Library or the University of Bremen shall remain solely with the author(s). The reproduction or use of such images, audio material and texts in other electronic or printed publications shall be prohibited without the explicit consent of the respective author.

4. Legal validity of this disclaimer

This disclaimer is to be regarded as part of the internet publication which referred you to this page. In the event that sections or individual terms of this statement do not or no longer reflect current legislation, the content or validity of the other parts remain uninfluenced by this fact.

5. Privacy Policy

It is an important concern for State- and University Library Bremen to deal responsibly with your personal data. We analyse data on the use of our website in order to improve our services. This data is not processed in any other way – except in anonymous form for statistics – and is not passed on to others. The web analytics software Piwik is used for improving our services. By automatically anonymising IP addresses, the collected data can no longer be assigned to specific users.

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