Copy, scan, and print

Laser printer at the Central Library

Kramm-Bürosysteme provides you with high-quality equipment to make copies and scan documents, also via an automatic single sheet feeder. You can print documents here - either from the library's computers or directly from your own device (laptop, smartphone, tablet etc.). On some of the printers, colour copies and colour prints are also possible. Colour scans are possible on all printers.

Scans can either be saved on a USB stick or stored on your own Q-Pilot account for download.

You can create a Q-Pilot account here!

Students and staff can charge these services to their Mensa Card. External users will need a Kramm Guest Card to use the machines, which can be acquired in exchange for a small deposit.

Prepay Guest Card vending machines are located on Level 1 of the Central Library 1. Prepay credit must be available on your card to use the printing facilities.

Our copy facilities can also be operated with coins. (5 cents per copy)

Mensa and Guest Cards must be registered in order to access the print facilities.

Instructions manuals provided by Kramm-Bürosysteme: