Umbau Zeitschriftenlesesaal

Rebuilding work

in our central library on the university campus has started in September 2013 and is scheduled to last until August 2014. The conversion of part of the library’s ground floor focusses on these areas:

  • Extension of the cloakroom area
  • Refurbishment of the Periodicals Reading Room
  • Creating a learning space with multimedia equipment
  • Creating a small cafeteria

Cloakroom area

As most visitors know from personal experience, our cloakroom was much too small which resulted in long queues during busy times. By extending the façade of the library building towards the university boulevard we can enlarge the cloakroom area thus increasing the number of coat racks and enlarging the counter. During the planning process, we examined the possibility of replacing the cloakroom by lockers. Unfortunately, the extension of the building does not provide sufficient space for the number of lockers that would be needed. We do expect, however that the collection and the delivery of coats, jackets and bags will be dealt with much faster after the extension of the cloakroom.

The new cloakroom should be available by the end of January. Until then the makeshift cloakroom in the entrance area does offer even less space. During particularly busy times the storage of larger backpacks, travel bags, suitcases etc. will not be possible. Please take this into consideration when planning your library visit.

Periodicals Reading Room

Since the opening of the reading room in 1996, its purpose has changed significantly. The number of subscriptions of printed journals has decreased and will continue to do so as the major academic publishing houses opt for “electronic only” editions. 

The entire reading room area, including a former open-plan office will be refurbished. In the future all journal issues will be freely accessible. The workstations will be replaced and equipped with desk lamps and sockets. A reading lounge will offer an area for those who want to read our journals and books in a more comfortable ambience. The microfilm scanners will be available in the reading room so that our extensive microfilm collection of newspapers will be accessible throughout the entire opening hours of the reading room.


Study room with multimedia equipment

A new group working space comprising four learning areas as well as several additional chairs and small tables will be built. Each working space will be equipped with a large format flat screen including a computer with internet connection and facilities for the use of notebooks. The space offers the opportunity to communicate and to work on papers and projects. It will be an integral part of the learning space offered by the university. The learning areas will be bookable via the university’s learning platform Stud.IP.


The extension of the library’s façade towards the university boulevard creates additional space on both sides of the entrance. The area right next to the entrance will be used to create a small cafeteria thus fulfilling the longtime wishes of many library visitors to be able to drink a cup of coffee or tea or to eat a snack without having to leave the building.